Hello neighbors! Our hens are laying beautiful eggs...

the yolks are bright yellow and the shells are gorgeous.

Organic feed & free range. Happiest chickens on the block!

Farm Fresh Eggs

$6 per dozen      $9 per 18-pack

Porch Pick up  *  Honor System payment

Saturdays/Sundays  *  March thru April 2020

1940 Vance Street, Lakewood 80214

Locally born. Locally grown.


Love to to bike or walk?

We love that too.

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Free Range Eggs

We've got the happiest hens on the block.


They free range every day and enjoy a varied diet of fermented grains, bugs , quality feed and organic kitchen scraps.  

Special thanks to our girls: 

Opal, Red, Shanti, Artemis, Bolt, 

Chocolate Chip and Red

Our young hens are growing stronger by the day.  Hopefully they will begin laying by July.  Fingers crossed!


Be good to each other.

-- Maria Rita Tafoya Bierner