LCMF Comes to a Happy (and Abundant) End

August 2020

Closing the farm was bittersweet...

but we found a little house on a quiet block and knew it was our time to button up the farm and make way for a new path.  

For those who gave encouragement, we appreciate you.

For those who volunteered your time, we couldn't have done it without you.

For those who wandered the rows with us, we will miss you.

We enjoyed growing from this land, creating community, and providing nourishing food for ourselves and others.  

Stay safe, be well.  

Sow love, reap kindness 


The Starkus Family

Locally born. Locally grown.


You can't wake a person pretending to be asleep.

"Agriculture cannot be an industrial process any more than music can be."

--Eliot Coleman

Free Range Eggs

We've got the happiest hens on the block.


They free range every day and enjoy a varied diet of fermented grains, bugs, quality feed and organic kitchen scraps.  

Special thanks to our girls: 

Opal, Red, Shanti, Artemis, Bolt, 

Chocolate Chip and Red

Our young hens are growing stronger by the day.  Hopefully they will begin laying by July.  Fingers crossed!


Be good to each other.

-- Maria Rita Tafoya Bierner