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Winter Solstice

December 2018

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The Fallow Season

November 2018

Days grow shorter, nights longer. We wake up long before the sun and look out upon a quiet field. Hardneck garlic cloves are tucked inside their blanket of soil, dormant until spring when they sprout fragrant green scapes.

But not yet. Not yet.

Now is the time to breathe in, gather some rest, and daydream about what to grow next season. It's time to light a fire in the wood stove and spend an afternoon sharpening tools, threshing seed pods, scraping beehive frames. Time to wonder if the raspberry canes we were gifted (thanks, Larry) will give fruit next summer and if our traps will hold the good fortune to attract another swarm.

So warm up a mug of tea, fill 'yer belly with soup, have a game night and know that the best is yet to come.


Our gratitude to all who supported local agriculture in 2018 -- whether it was Lost Creek Micro Farm or somewhere else -- for you are the visionaries. You are living the change you wish to see in the world.  


February 2018

There's something reverent - grounding - humbling - motivating about placing a seed in soil and watching it grow.

Between the furrows we find equal parts science and mystery, live in the space between control and surrender,

and play roles that turn from participant to witness

then back again.

Over the years, we planted ourselves into larger and larger gardens, adding bees, then chickens. We learned lessons from the earth-stained hands of relatives, friends and guides; gained encouragement from those who know our hearts and see we're at our best in the field; and stay inspired by hungry and curious neighbors.

And when our kids and their friends ask for farm chores, we know we're on to something good!

Welcome to Lost Creek Micro Farm.

Visit us! We may grow something you fancy. You may be invited to eat a flower.

And if you're in the neighborhood and you see us in the field,

give a little beep!beep! or a Hey you!

~ Chris & Diana ~


February 2019

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Chickens 3.1

January 2019

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Dry Farming - Musings

January 2018

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