What We're Growing

Spring/Summer/Fall 2020

This is our 4th growing season at Lost Creek Micro Farm!

As the season grows, we may offer the following:

Beeswax wraps

Lip Balm

Local honey

Medicinal herbs


Onion     Potato     Beans     Radish     Carrots

Beets     Peas     Kale     Lettuce Greens     

Tomato     Squash     Corn     Hot Peppers

Watermelon     Garlic     Beets


Cut flowers

Zinnia     Strawflowers     Sunflowers

Edible flowers

Nasturtium     Cornflower     Calendula

Borage     Chive blossoms     

Squash blossoms

Herbs + Medicinals

Basil     Oyster leaf     Salad burnet

Lovage     Marshmallow     Chamomile

Echinacea     Mint

A percentage of each week's harvest will be donated to a local food bank

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